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What hearing aid will work best for me?

Today you have your choice of almost invisible, comfortable and high fidelity hearing aids. There are literally hundreds of hearing aid types and styles on the market. You have a choice of working with a professional for a great experience. With the correct hearing aids, your life could be transformed. With the wrong ones, your hearing could get worse.

Then lets list our products:

Prices include Rechargable and all with Bluetooth connectivity

Starting at:

ReSound – Quattro and ONE – $2,895 a set

Phonak – Marvel and Paradise – $3,000 a set

Widex – Moment – $3200 a set

Starkey – Livio – $3295 a set

Unitron – Moxi – $3250 a set

Signia – Styletto – $3400 a set

Digital Hearing Aid Features:

  • Dual microphones allow you to hear better in noisy situations. Some can even identify the source of the noise and reduce it!
  • Open technology that keeps the ear canal unobstructed eliminates that “talking in a barrel” effect.
  • Feedback cancellation does just that — it cancels feedback before you hear it as an annoying whistle.
  • Hands-free technology automatically adjusts to your listening environment, whether you are on the phone, in a crowd or in a windy area.
  • Your digital hearing aid can be programmed with a computer to meet your individualized needs.
  • Wireless technology allows you to hear your cell phone, television and home phone in stereo, directly through your hearing aids!

Digital hearing aids can act on soft sounds in one way and on loud sounds in a completely different fashion. The more advanced the digital chip the more bands that it will possess. Some digital hearing aids have the capability to reduce some environmental noises such as motors running or dishes clanging.

There are so many options available to you! There are four basic technology levels: Economy, Basic, Advanced and Best. Each level offers digital hearing solutions based on your level of hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.

Accessories now available

Hearing aids have come a long way from the proverbial ear trumpet. You now have choices from size and type of hearing aids to different accessories to help you hear the world around you.

Today’s hearing industry covers so many of our daily hearing struggles, the possibility is almost endless. Having issues with the television? We can stream your hearing aids directly to your hearing aids for your personal enjoyment. We have an app that goes on all cell phones that lets you be in control of your environment, whether you are in a crowd, playing golf or enjoying your grandchildren. If you have the iPhone we can link your hearing aids to it and you can receive phone calls that stream directly into your ears.

Ultimately which type of hearing aid you buy depends on your hearing needs and your lifestyle. The best way to select the right one of the hundreds of hearing aids available today is to get guidance from your local hearing experts. Get your hearing tested for free, then lets decide together what will work best for you!

See you soon!

Assisted Listening Devices

An Assistive listening device (ALD) is used to improve hearing ability for people in a variety of situations where they are unable to distinguish speech in noise. Often in a noisy or crowded room, it is almost impossible for an individual who is hard of hearing to distinguish one voice among many this is where “streaming” comes in.

Caption Phone

Having a house phone available that will transcribe the caller’s words is a real necessity, the phone will transcribe and hold the message for later review, just in case you forget a detail of the conversation you can go back and review just by pushing a button.

Bluetooth Technology

Streaming your phone using Bluetooth technology directly into your ears through your hearing aids help with clarity of speech over the phone.

Tele-coil or T-Coil

Rooms that are wired with the T-coil capabilities allows a person with a T-coil hearing aid to put their hearing aids on T-coil mode and the speaker in that room will be streamed directly into the ear using their hearing aid.

Streaming the Television for personal listening

Using a device to stream such things as the Television, Telephone, a Grandchild or a Public Speaker in a meeting directly into our hearing aids is extremely helpful. The closer we can get words to our ears the better chance we will have for understanding. Modern hearing aids have these abilities