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Why Choose Advanced Hearing Aid Solutions?

  • Access to a comprehensive hearing evaluation. As a hearing specialist, it is my passion and my duty to make sure each of my patients I see recieves an in-depth hearing exam, followed by a comprehensive overview of the outcome.
  • Personalized care. I come from a family with hearing loss, it is my personal commitment to make sure that not only the person with hearing loss is given the best available service, but the whole family has my full attention.
  • Your choice of the best technology. We invest the time to train with multiple manufacturers so you get the best result. We make sure we look at the whole person, amount of hearing loss, fitting that best fits your lifestyle and of course budget.
  • Precise hearing aid fittings. We fine-tune your hearing aid to ensure you achieve the best result possible.
  • Counseling and aural rehabilitation. We’ll train you on the daily use of your hearing aids to optimize results. Along with finding solutions for our patients to optimize their hearing environment.
  • 30-day trial period for all hearing aid purchases.
  • 60-day exchange period for a different size or style
  • Comprehensive warranty plans for all hearing aids.
  • We always offer the following for free:
    • Free office visits with the purchase of our hearing aids
    • Free starter kits
    • Software updates
    • Continuing education
    • Long distance hearing aid adjustments – even while your traveling abroad or sitting at home we can adjust your hearing aids without coming into the office