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 We are open and servicing new and current patients, following all CDC and Williamson County ordinances. By appointments only, curbside service is available for repairs and cleanings.

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Advanced Hearing Aid Solutions Georgetown Texas

Hearing loss affects an estimated 20 percent of the US population, or 48 million people. But in reality, it effects so many more. Hearing loss not only affects the one with hearing problems, but the entire family. When family has to repeat things, or complains about the loudness of the television, hearing loss is now affecting them too.

Here at Advanced Hearing Aid Solutions, we are committed to helping find a solution to the challenges that are encountered on a daily basis. Whether it is understanding the Television or the phone, hearing your grandchild speak or having dinner out with friends.  These are all important and should never be missed again.

Hearing loss has been linked to a host of conditions, including cognitive decline, depression, and social isolation. But the latest research also shows that improving your hearing can prevent these problems, keeping your brain healthy and young. With the right professional help, you can achieve all of the benefits that come with better hearing, including enhanced overall health and a greater appreciation for all of life’s best sounds.

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  • You’ll increase your self-confidence.

  • You’ll improve your relationships with family and friends.

  • Enhancing your hearing has been shown to prevent mental decline and can keep your brain healthy and young.

  • Why strain your family’s, friends’ and coworkers’ patience by always asking them to repeat what they just said? When you hear better, it’s easier to communicate and stay connected.

  • Be Safe. Safety is a big concern for people with diminished hearing. Not being able to hear alarms, car horns or even people calling out a warning can put you in dangerous situations

  • It has been proven over and over again that people who live with diminished hearing have lower self-esteem, suffer from social isolation, and can easily fall into depression. And it can be both mentally and physically exhausting to try to keep up with conversations where you only catch snippets of what’s being said. Hearing aids keep you in the conversation and help you stay connected with those around you.