What People Are Saying!

Great customer service! I have worn hearing aids for many years, I’m on my 3rd set. I have never had such great customer service with any other hearing aid company. Thank you, Karen! P.S. I can hear really good too!

Ralph S. Sun City Texas

Wow! I can hear everything now! My family has been begging me to get hearing aids, but I didn’t want to spend the money. My son did all the research and found Advanced Hearing Aid Solutions to be the least expensive in all of Georgetown and the surrounding areas. We met with Karen and Paul and they made sure to answer all my questions and I got tested. Karen was so through and went over all my options and my concerns about money. I am so glad that I can hear now, and still have money!

Shirley K. Georgetown, TX

I went in and was tested by Karen, she understood my problems and walked me through the whole process. She has been so patient with this old lady, and I am so happy I can finally hear my son and daughter in law.
God Bless Karen and Advanced Hearing Aid Solutions they changed my life.

Maggie B. Georgetown, TX

“I have a new outlook on life”

I have struggled with hearing loss for 2 decades. I recently moved to Central Texas after losing my spouse to a serious medical condition. It was time to do something about hearing loss. When I went to my ENT they discovered a lot of wax build up so they removed it and right away I felt like I could hear better.

Well I could hear sounds louder, but I could not understand my grandchildren or women’s voices. It sounds like they are mumbling. I went to Costco and had my hearing tested and was not surprised to find out I had severe hearing loss in both ears in the high frequencies. That why I could understand Men’s voices or low voice but not women or children. I purchased a set of hearing aids on the understanding of a 30-day trial.

I was not very impressed because although it did help a little bit when I was in a quiet room one on one with someone. I still struggled at restaurants, the movies, phone conversation and road noise. I returned them after a few weeks after discussing it with my friends and family.

I was referred to Karen Block a Hearing instrument specialist in Georgetown TX. She helped me understand the big box stores sell older technology and the direct mail just sell amplifiers that makes everything loud but I still could not hear high pitched sounds like th, S, K, F sh and g. I expressed my frustration to Karen, and she assured me she would find a solution.

Karen owns Advanced Hearing Aid Solution in Georgetown TX. She was extremely patient and knowledgeable. Karen recommended the new Resound Quattro model 7. Karen Block programed a set on the spot and sent me out for a trail run. I am truly excited about the results. I have a new outlook on life. Finally, I can understand Women’s and children’s voices. I started going back out to my favorite restaurants and even went to a banquet in Georgetown TX. My Great grandson is so much fun and now I can understand what he is asking me. I can put on his favorite shows when requested. My nights have become more social now that I am able to play cards five nights a week.

When I returned to Advanced Hearing Aid Solutions. I met with Karen again and let her know how impressed I am with the sound quality and the rechargeable features. Karen downloaded an app from Resound that I can control my hearing aids volume. Karen programed four programs to further help my experience. I have a Restaurant, Outdoor, Music and all-around program. She paired my phone to my hearing aids so now my phone calls stream directly to my hearing aids.

I can finally have a cell phone conversation that is clear. My children and grandchildren are thrilled. We went to a piano bar in Round Rock TX and for the first time in decades I could enjoy the music and understand the lyrics. We went for a family walk supporting hearing loss because Advanced Hearing Aid Solutions was a sponsor along with SERTOMA. It was a very windy day in Georgetown, so I changed my program to the outdoor mode. Wow, all the wind noise was immediately filtered out and I was able to enjoy the 5 K walk with my family having a great conversation. It even filtered out the crunching sound of the crushed granite trail.

When I go out to restaurants or play cards I simply put my hearing aids in restaurant mode. It filters out all the loud back ground noise and focuses on speech clarity. I have been able to get out and enjoy life again. It is such a pleasure to feel social again. I have been able to strike up many friendships that would have be impossible just a few months ago.

If you struggle understanding conversations, have the TV turned up to loud, avoid public areas like restaurants please go see Karen Black at Advanced Hearing Aid Solutions in Georgetown Texas. Her office is at the Entrance of Sun City off Williams drive. Don’t wait any longer. Karen Block has helped Hundreds in the Georgetown community hear better. Karen volunteers with several organizations in the Georgetown community. I truly have a new outlook on life. The rechargeable Resound Quattro is the most advanced hearing aid I have ever encountered. Thank You from the bottom of my heart for helping get my life back. Getting old is difficult but it’s a blessing when you find a product that really works and a professional that can guide you through the process.

Thank You, Thank You, Bob D.