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Advanced Hearing Aid Solutions: Georgetown

By February 11, 2019Hearing Loss, Hearing Tips

Advanced Hearing Aid Solutions: Georgetown

There have been significant technological breakthroughs in the hearing aid industry in the last five years and more significantly in the last two years. The largest breakthrough was in new micro chips that are 100 times faster and more efficient. This new technology has allowed the engineers to layer in amazing new programs using algorithms to create the most natural hearing in our acoustic environment. Our acoustic environment has been quantified and plotted on the audiogram. Every sound has a defined frequency and decibel which algorithms have been programed to provide a new and unique experience. Karen Block at Advanced Hearing Aid Solutions in Central Texas is able to individualize hearing programs customized to your personal acoustic environment.

Binaural Directionality: coordinates between both ears for optimal binaural response. Front and rear speech detectors on each instrument seek out speech in a bilateral omnidirectional response with spatial sense. The environmental recognition system is a complex set of algorithms using both speech recognition and noise cancelling programs.

** background speech has been real challenge until now

Spatial Sense: Is an intuitive feel for shape and space. It involves concepts of traditional geometry including the ability to recognize, represent and transform geometric shapes. This new program works in unison with many other programs to create natural hearing in noisy environments

Noise Tracker: (Resound) Noise has been identified and is instantly reduced with in milliseconds compared to 7-14 seconds in other devices.

Sound Shaper: Strategy for improving high frequency audibility for people with high frequency loss (Majority). Frequency compression technology that moves high frequency sounds down in spectrum, while maintaining proportional relationship between input and output. Overall it improves the audibility of speech and maintains the best sound quality possible.

Ear to Ear communication: full 360-degree sound even with a profound to non-hearing ear.

Wind guard: Is an amazing program that recognizes the sound of wind and filters it out.

Tinnitus sound generator: steams sounds to mask the tinnitus.

Wireless Accessories:

Multi Mic: ( Resound) streams sound and speech directly to the hearing aid from up to 100 feet. Can be worn on clothing, sat on podiums or tables. Greatly improves the hearing experience in noisy environments. Enables tcoil is large venues. Great while traveling (Road Noise).

Phone Clip: allows for streaming Bluetooth enabled phones and devices directly to the hearing aid. Turns the hearing aids into ear buds with enhanced sound quality and speech recognition.

TV Streamer: (Resound) Streams stereo sound directly to your hearing aids, so you can listen at the volume that is comfortable to you.

Smart phone: blue tooth programs enhancing the hearing experience through preprogrammed programs from you’re his. It also allows the wearer to control their acoustic environment by adjusting like a graphic equalizer.

Find my hearing aids: you can track your hearing aids using your smart phone.

Geotag: You can tag a specific location and your Hearing aid will change the program to the last time you were there.

Apps: enhance your experience and acoustic environment

The Second and latest breakthrough is in the rechargeable Battery. Lithium batteries have created a game changing event lasting 30 hours (24 steaming) on a 3-hour charge. The batteries will last at 100% between 5-7 years and only degrading 2% annually afterwards. This also creates a sealed aid which has reduces moisture exposure by 98 percent. There are remote chargers available that will charge the hearing aids for a full week. You will never have to buy batteries again.

Overall the latest hearing aids from Phonak (Marvel) and Resound (Linx Quattro) provide better hearing and speech understanding in noisy environments, Provide the optimal experience in our acoustical environment and have become more comfortable and easier to wear while lasting longer. The rechargeable feature has made wearing a hearing aid easier and less expensive. Advanced Hearing Aid Solutions in Georgetown Texas is Central leading the way in advanced hearing technology. Karen Block is a caring Hearing instrument specialist who is currently wearing the Resound Quattro herself.